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A Note about Deliberate Communication and Noopolitics:
Who is able to understand, understands

   The human being is not only a being of the “earth,” but also a being of the “skies,” in the sense that human creativity, through science and technology, enables the human spirit to overcome the forces and the inertia of the material world and to pursue structural changes. In addition, the human being relates to beings and things mainly through meanings and significances, and it judges the objects of consciousness (thus developing moral consciousness). Because of the aforementioned reasons, politics is conducted not only on the earth (i.e., within the context of geography), but also in the information field that is created by the communication between conscious beings. The conduct of politics within the context of geography is called geopolitics, whereas the conduct of politics in the information field that is created by the communication between conscious beings is called noopolitics (hence, it ill behoves civilized people to apply pure geopolitics without combining it with noopolitics). The term “noopolitics” was originally coined by defense experts John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt in a seminal RAND Corporation study of 1999; see: John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt, The Emergence of Noopolitik: Toward an American Information Strategy (Santa Monica: RAND, 1999). The levels at which noopolitics can be conducted are the following:
- Cyberspace: this is the global system of the Internet-connected computers, communications, infrastructures, online conferencing entities, databases, and information utilities. According to informatics experts Chip Morningstar and F. Randall Farmer, the core characteristic of the cyberspace is the communication between conscious beings and the social interactions involved rather than its technical implementation (i.e., the computational medium); see: Chip Morningstar and F. Randall Farmer, “The Lessons of Lucasfilm’s Habitat” (in The New Media Reader, edited by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort, Massachusetts: The MIT Press Morningstar and Farmer 2003), 664–667.
- Infosphere: it encompasses the cyberspace and information systems that may not be part of the Internet, such as the “mediasphere” (broadcast, print, and other media), libraries, military information infrastructures (Command, Control, Computer, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems), etc.; see: Jeffrey R. Cooper, The Emerging Infosphere: Some Thoughts on Implications of the “Information Revolution” (McLean, Va.: Center for Information Strategy and Policy, Science Applications International Corporation, 1997). Intimately related to the conduct of noopolitics at the level of the infosphere are operations whose objective is the exercise of control over the mass media and the movies industry.
- Noosphere: this term, from the Greek word nous (mind), was originally coined by the Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in 1925, and, according to Teilhard de Chardin, it describes a globe-circling realm of the mind, or a “thinking circuit.” The conduct of noopolitics at the level of the noosphere is primarily founded on the spiritual aspects and the spiritual formation of the human being, namely, on ideas, values, perceptions, existential and political strategizing, etc. In the context of our Ur-Illuminati Order’s noopolitics program, we conduct systematic and thorough research into philosophical psychology, political philosophy, ethics, epistemology, quantum psychology, nonlinear psychoanalysis, nonlinear neurofeedback, political psychology, and cultural psychology.
     Our Order’s ideal and strategy of Ur-Illuminism is an updated version of Plato’s visions of “Kallipolis” and the “Philosopher-King.” Specifically, our Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI) tries to generalize aristocracy, in the sense that it tries to articulate a new global humanist movement according to which every human being is a potential citizen of the “Kallipolis” and a potential “Philosopher-King,” and it helps humanity to actualize this potentiality. Our strategic vision is libertarian but does not subscribe to modern liberalism; our strategic vision is non-secular but does not subscribe to bureaucratized clericalism; our strategic vision is globalist (in the sense that it is based on metaphysically grounded values) but does not subscribe to the establishment of a conventional bourgeois-capitalist monologue (it rather gives rise to a world that can accommodate various worlds in the name of the human being’s intrinsic sacredness, free will, and rights).
© Dr. Nicolas Laos, Philosopher – Noopolitics Consultant, Grand Master of the Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI)

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