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“With Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, We Destroy, Preserve and Create.”

A brief introduction to our philosophy can be found by clicking on the following link, where you can read Dr. Nicolas Laos’s essay The Relationship between the Reality of the World and the Reality of Consciousness (PDF), which was originally published in the peer-reviewed journal Esoteric Quarterly, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., Summer 2020:


Intimately related to the aforementioned essay is Dr. Nicolas Laos’s essay Transcendental Meta-Algorithmic Transhumanism: The Entelechy of the Human Being, which you can (and are strongly encouraged) to read in the following link:


Dr. Nicolas Laos is the founder and president of the peculiar international, esoteric network and fraternal movement that is called the “Ur-Illuminati” and is underpinned and motivated by the arguments and strategic visions that he originally publicized through his book The Meaning of Being Illuminati (Newcastle Upon Tine: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019). He used the prefix “Ur-,” which means primeval, original, or thoroughly, and it denotes that someone or something embodies the fundamental or intrinsic qualities of a peculiar class or type. Our Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI) is founded and focused on the Logos-principle as Dr. Nicolas Laos delineated it in his aforementioned book.

In his publications, Dr. Nicolas Laos called his research program “Ur-Illuminism” and those esotericists who work according to this research program “Ur-Illuminati” in order to distinguish them from other illuminist endeavors and from other conceptions of the term “Illuminati.” The labors of the Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI) are far more advanced and more ambitious than those of “regular” Freemasonry and the historical Illuminati of Bavaria, because the SPOUI is concerned with humanity’s universal tradition of illumination, which goes as far as the pursuit of humanity’s ontological deification, with all its spiritual and socio-political implications.

Dr. Nicolas Laos’s work in general and his Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI) in particular should not be identified with the eighteenth-century Bavarian Illuminati (even though there are overlapping areas between them and us), nor should they be confused with the ethos of the so-called “liberal” and “adogmatic” Freemasonic currents and organizations. Moreover, we would like to warn our readers that, in the context of postmodernity, and due to the crisis of “regular” Freemasonry, there are several self-styled “Illuminati” organizations that, in essence, are embodiments of Hieronymus Bosch’s “Ship of Fools,” and, for this reason, they are unworthy of any further comments.

The Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI) is an original Illuminati society, and its Degree Structure is the following:

Probationary Degree: Squire Novice: each Squire Novice receives personalized training in order to follow a program of both exterior and interior perfection, according to the Order’s principles, goals, and values. Moreover, each Squire Novice is expected to fully understand that the Ur-Illuminati must have but one mind, one will, and similar sentiments, and that, to effectuate this, the SPOUI has chosen certain works to which one must apply with the greatest attention. Senior members of the SPOUI prepare individual assessment reports on each Squire Novice, and these assessment reports help the Grand Master and the Grand Council of the SPOUI to decide when a Squire Novice will progress to the First Degree. A Brother or a Sister on reception into the Probationary Degree is invested with an apron (which is emblematic of labor), a sash, and a jewel. The apron of the Probationary Degree is of white lambskin, or white watered silk, bordered with bands of magenta (fuchsia) and light blue and having a fringed triangular flap of light blue. The members of the Probationary Degree are invested with a sash, nine centimeters wide, orange-red in the center and bordered on each side with light blue, worn over the right shoulder; the sash has an orange-red rosette from which is suspended the Probationary Degree’s jewel, which is a golden Square. Moreover, like every other member of the SPOUI, the members of the Probationary degree wear white gloves.

First Degree: Philosopher Mason and Epopt of the Esoteric Arts: as implied by the title, this Degree is concerned with the history of philosophy, theology, the entire field of Freemasonry (including Symbolic Masonry, the Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis–Misraim), and esotericism, in general, including philosophy and psychology of religion, comparative mythology, cultural psychology, and quantum cognition. While this may appear to be a vast subject to encompass in a single Degree, the material is cast in such a manner as to present a series of ceremonies and lectures that confer instruction on every significant aspect and secret of the aforementioned fields. On promotion to the First Degree, the regalia of the Probationary Degree is replaced with a different apron, a different sash, and a jewel that is suspended from a white ribbon and worn on the left breast. The apron of the First Degree is of white lambskin, or white watered silk, having a triangular flap, all bordered with bands of green and turquoise; in the center of the flap is a gold-embroidered Square and Compasses symbol with the letter G in the center; the SPOUI’s coat of arms, in purple, is displayed in the center of the apron within two branches of gold-embroidered laurel; finally, there are two tassels of gold suspended by turquoise ribbons beneath the flap. The members of the First Degree are invested with a sash of white watered silk, nine centimeters in width, worn over the right shoulder, trimmed with gold lace, and having one purple rosette and gold tassels. Embroidered on the sash is the coat of arms of the SPOUI in purple, and, below this, is the emblem of the Memphis–Misraim Rite in purple, too. The jewel rests upon a Teutonic cross: it is a nine-pointed star, namely, one formed by three triangles of gold one upon the other, and interlaced; from the lower part of the left side to the upper part of the right, a sword extends, and in the opposite direction is a hand of (as it is called) justice; in the center is a crowned double-headed eagle, holding a naked sword in its claws, and having, on the right-hand side, a balance and, on the left-hand side, a pair of compasses, united with a square; around the eagle, runs a band bearing the Latin inscriptions “Ordo ab Chao” (meaning Order out of Chaos) and “Deus Meumque Jus” (meaning God and My Right); the band is enclosed by two circles formed by two serpents, each biting its own tail; of the smaller triangles that are formed by the intersection of the greater ones, those nine that are nearest the band are of crimson color, and each of them has one of the letters that compose the word S.A.P.I.E.N.T.I.A., or Wisdom.

Further progress is now conditional on the Brother or the Sister having submitted a test of one’s skill before one can hope to be advanced to “Master of Cratology.”

Second Degree: Master of Cratology: “cratology” being derived from the Greek words “cratos” (strength) and “logos” (discourse), and meaning the art and science of (social) power, this Degree is mainly concerned with political theory, political psychology, noopolitics, and the scientific field of cybernetics. The regalia of the Second Degree consists of the sash and the breast jewel that are worn by the members of the First Degree, but the apron of the First Degree is replaced by that of the Second Degree. The apron of the Second Degree is of white lambskin, or white watered silk, having a triangular flap, all bordered with bands of deep blue and purple; in the center of the flap is a gold-embroidered “all-seeing eye” within a gold-embroidered rayed equilateral triangle; the SPOUI’s coat of arms, in purple, is displayed in the center of the apron within two branches of gold-embroidered laurel; finally, there are two tassels of gold suspended by purple ribbons beneath the flap. If a member of the Second Degree serves, or has previously served, as the Illustrious Master of a Laboratory, then that member has the distinction of wearing a cap of red velvet decorated with a silver jewel depicting the SPOUI’s coat of arms. It is only after long and meritorious service in the SPOUI that a member may be exalted to the supreme grade where one assumes the title of “Grand Inspector of the Ur-Illuminati.”

Third Degree: Grand Inspector of the Ur-Illuminati: this supreme Degree of the Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati incorporates a most impressive ceremony in which the candidate is required to endure a test of great moral and psychological significance, this being followed by a lengthy obligation, in the context of which one pledges oneself to preserve with due reverence the Order’s statutes and doctrines, observe the noblest ideals, and serve humanity according to the Order’s ethos. The regalia of the Third Degree consists of the sash and the breast jewel that are worn by the members of the First Degree, an impressive apron that is worn exclusively by the members of the Third Degree, a richly embroidered collar from which is suspended a distinctive jewel, and a cap of purple velvet decorated with a golden jewel depicting the SPOUI’s coat of arms. The Order’s Grand Master and those members of the Third Degree who are also active members of the Order’s Grand Council wear their own exclusive regalia, according to the SPOUI’s Book of Constitutions.

Our scholarly and political fraternity of the Ur-Illuminati is described as an “Order” in the traditional sense, namely, because “Order” means the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method. The Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI) is organized on traditional hierarchical lines in accordance with its Constitution and under the stewardship of the Grand Master assisted by appointed Grand Officers. The members of the SPOUI around the world are congregated and labor in local groups known as Ur-Illuminati Laboratories. Individual Ur-Illuminati Laboratories are overseen by their Illustrious Master, who is appointed by the SPOUI’s Most Illustrious Grand Master. Every Illustrious Master of an Ur-Illuminati Laboratory must hold at the least the Second Degree of the SPOUI. The Illustrious Master of each Ur-illuminati Laboratory, in turn, appoints the following Laboratory Officers, who help the Illustrious Master execute the Illustrious Master’s duties:

Senior Instructor (the second in command in an Ur-Illuminati Laboratory, and, in the absence of the Illustrious Master, assumes the Illustrious Master’s duties),
Junior Instructor (the messenger of the Illustrious Master, and, during Degree rituals, guides the new candidates and conducts them around the Laboratory),
Orator (the director of research and the supervisor of speeches that take place in the Laboratory),
Secretary (the principle duties and roles are to observe the proceedings of the Laboratory, make a fair record of all things proper to be written, receive all money due the Laboratory, pay the same to the Treasurer, and perform such other administrative duties as may be prescribed by the Order’s Grand Master),
Treasurer (responsible for all financial transactions),
Director of Ceremonies (the principle duties and roles are to organize processions, ensure the correct precedence and etiquette in formal proceedings, and welcome and escort visitors),
Intelligence Officer (prepares intelligence reports regarding candidates and the activities of the Laboratory), and Security Officer (the principle duties and roles are to ensure that only those who are duly qualified are allowed to enter the Laboratory and to (symbolically) keep unskilled workmen from overhearing the conversation within the Laboratory).
General Convocations are held twice-yearly.

The First-Degree Ur-Illuminati Laboratories exercise a unified authority over the three Degrees of Symbolic Masonry, the Holy Order of the Royal Arch of Jerusalem, the thirty-three Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and the ninety-seven Degrees of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis–Misraim, in the sense that the men and the women who are initiated into the First Degree of the SPOUI acquire thorough and systematic knowledge of the aforementioned Masonic degree systems according to the ethos and the interpretive method that are delineated in the SPOUI’s official documents.

The SPOUI is not affiliated to any other organization, nor is any specific or formal recognition given to any other fraternal Order by the SPOUI. In accordance with traditional practice, “recognition” is given only to properly-made individual members of the SPOUI. However, there is no prohibition on the members of the SPOUI attending meetings of other Orders as guests, nor does the SPOUI indiscriminately refuse to cooperate with other Freemasonic and/or Illuminati organizations, whenever this is possible and does not contradict the SPOUI’s doctrines, goals, and autonomy

One can progress through the aforementioned three Degrees of the SPOUI by analogy to Symbolic Masonry, namely, one will be required to demonstrate the excellence of one’s work. In our Laboratories, our members research, prepare, present, and discuss papers relevant to their understanding of the subject-matter of their respective degrees within the context of the SPOUI’s ethos and strategic vision, which are delineated in the SPOUI’s official documents.

The SPOUI knows itself as a Wisdom School, and, therefore, every candidate for initiation into the SPOUI and every candidate for promotion to a higher degree of the SPOUI is requested to prove adequate knowledge of the topics studied in the SPOUI’s official documents.

You may read Dr. Nicolas Laos’s essay The Meaning of Esotericism: A Theme in Need of a Focus by clicking on the following link (PDF), which was originally published in the journal Esoteric Quarterly (Volume 15, number 3, Spring 2020, pp. 45–53):


The SPOUI is concerned with theology, and it is inspired by Christian mysticism, existential Gnosticism, the Kabbalah (both the Jewish one and the various Kabbalistic traditions that developed in the context of European esotericism and Sufism), and anarchist religious movements of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but it is in no way a substitute or surrogate for religious/Church affiliations. You may also read Dr. Nicolas Laos’s essay BEING AND GNOSIS: Gnosticism As an Existential Methodology, the Strategy of Continuous Metaphysical Revolt, and Occult Politology by clicking on the following link (PDF), an early draft of which was presented on the Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (Chicago, U.S.A., Spring 2020):


Additionally, you may read Dr. Nicolas Laos’s essay The Rediscovery of Byzantine Orthodox Mysticism: An Introduction to the Medieval Hesychasts’ Theory of Humanity’s Deification by clicking on the following link (PDF), which was originally published in the journal Esoteric Quarterly (Volume 15, number 2, Fall 2019, pp. 47–57):


In contrast to other fraternities, which try to vindicate their existence though public relations and profane forms of charity, the SPOUI maintains that its charitable activity consists in the cultivation of its members’ souls and in the development and implementation of its socio-political projects. Beyond that, individual members properly make any charitable or other donations through the channels that they themselves choose.

The initiates of the SPOUI are obliged to take oaths upon the Holy Bible, but their oaths, far from impinging upon their socio-political and religious tenets, aim at intensifying their awareness that the SPOUI labors in the realm of the sacred. Regarding the initiates’ oaths of secrecy, in particular, the SPOUI requires from its members to take such oaths, because, in this way, it aims at cultivating and developing its members’ symbolic thought. In fact, through the use of oaths of secrecy, the SPOUI teaches its members that, within their perishable frame, they can find the most important secret, namely, the divine grace, and, therefore, their own potential divinity. Many esotericists are, indeed, familiar with the story―translated by the distinguished philologist and Orientalist Sir Friedrich Max Müller in the nineteenth century―in which the ancient Indo-Aryan gods decided where best to hide divinity from humankind. After discussing the options of concealing the Great Secret atop the summit of the highest mountain, burying it in the further recesses of the earth, or sinking it at the bottom of the widest ocean, the gods came to the conclusion that, irrespective of where they would conceal the Great Secret, humans would eventually discover it due to the human nature’s inquisitiveness and restlessness. However, ultimately, the oldest and wisest of the gods suggested that they should wrap divinity within the human being itself, because that is the last place in which humans would ever look; this was and is actually the case.

We welcome you, and we invite you to our exclusive world of the Ur-Illuminati! We are the Virtuous Asymmetric Threat and the Continuous Conspiracy against the powers and the principalities that prevent/undermine humanity’s enlightenment, liberation, and prosperity . . . Conscious of the world-historical and, indeed, existential character of their labors, the Ur-Illuminati strive for association on an international scale. We seek to “save” globalism, namely, to lead globalism to its completion and noblest form, by spiritualizing it through the light of intrinsically global values. And of all illumination of which humanity can partake, none is comparable to the discovery of the potential divinity of the human being, the awareness that the human being is a god-in-the making, and the way of attaining it.


One of the most important weaknesses of many esoteric Orders and schools of mystical belief is that they allow people to contemplate alternate “reality tunnels,” play with various narratives, and even take a radical stance, but to be completely dissociated from actual historical becoming. This is not the case with the SPOUI. Hence, in contrast to modern “regular” Grand Lodges’ fetishism of rituals and bureaucratic models of Masonic administration, we propose an esoteric model of praxis that fuses the work of the “Kadosh” (the “holy man”), the surrealist quest for humanity’s liberation through the overcoming of repression, and the libertarian quest for humanity’s socio-political emancipation.

Avoiding superficial isomorphisms, we believe that Plato’s Republic, the science fiction action film The Matrix, the dystopian political thriller action film V for Vendetta, Jules Verne’s Voyages extraordinaires (highlighting the historical manifestation of humanity’s spiritual freedom and creativity), Christ’s Gospel, the Kabbalah, Walter Benjamin’s work (especially his books The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and Theses on the Philosophy of History), Jacques Ellul’s Christian anarchist writings (especially his books The Technological Society and Propaganda), Peter Kropotkin’s works (especially his books Modern Science and Anarchism and The State), Lysander Spooner’s individualist anarchism (especially his book No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority), J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic high-fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings (and his anarcho-monarchist vision), René Guénon’s work (especially his books The Symbolism of the Cross and The Multiple States of Being), and Salvador Dalí’s surrealism (subscribing to anarcho-monarchism) can somehow elucidate each other and underpin a great, new synthesis, specifically, the research program of Ur-Illuminism, which Dr. Nicolas Laos proposes, centered on the notions of the “deified humanity” and “neo-aristocracy” (a spiritualized, metapolitical type of aristocracy).

Dr. Nicolas Laos takes a holistic and systemic view of human affairs by utilizing his education and research background as a Mathematics graduate specialized in nonlinear analysis, global analysis, and applied differentiable dynamics (University of La Verne, California), as a Docotor of Christian Philosophy specialized in philosophical theology and metaphysics (Academia Teológica de San Andrij (Andrés) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Mexico, Xalapa, Veracruz), and as a professionally trained political, economic, and psycho-cultural analyst associated with private intelligence companies, investment services companies, and think-tanks.

Furthermore, he is guided by a conception of the world system as a network of networks. In this context, he builds his own global cooperative network that reinforces the work of the Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-illuminati (SPOUI), increases the added value of the SPOUI’s Laboratories, and enables the SPOUI to operate as a multilayer illuminist association on a global scale. For instance:
on 30 May 2012, Dr. Nicolas Laos was a keynote-speaker at the workshop entitled “Charting Troubled Waters: Policy Analysis for Uncertain Times” organized by the Hellenic American Union in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in Athens, Greece
in 2013, he signed a memorandum of cooperation with the R-Techno private intelligence company
(Moscow, Russia,
in the realm of business intelligence (specifically, regarding marketing information systems, investment research, and due diligence);
and he publishes investigative political and economic articles in authoritative newspapers and journals, as well as on news websites.

Beyond (and in contrast to) several state and sub-state agents’ narrative wars, we defend, strive for, and provide cognitively significant and epistemologically sensitive sense-making and counter “truth decay” (the term “truth decay” was originally coined and analyzed by RAND Corporation communications analyst Sonni Efron and was further studied by Michael D. Rich, the fifth President and C.E.O. of the RAND Corporation). In principle, we can cooperate with anybody on projects of mutual interest and utilize any source of information that can actually broaden our cognitive horizons, but our primary loyalty is to the real truth; hence, we are “metaphysicians” (in other words, we are concerned with ontology). Furthermore, in contrast to any organic theory of society, we maintain that humans can actually produce social events and change their existential conditions, for better or for worse; hence, we are “progressives” (yet, critically and discretionally thinking ones) and “libertarians” (yet, metaphysically grounded ones). Furthermore, we appreciate and utilize Mikhail Bakunin’s critical and revolutionary thought as well as Wilhelm Weitling’s art of organizing revolutionary secret societies (in fact, Wilhelm Weitling, a German tailor, inventor, and radical political activist was one of Bakunin’s mentors, and he initiated Bakunin into one of his revolutionary secret societies).

Apart from his work in the fields of philosophy and political theory, Dr. Nicolas Laos has a versatile background in business-political intelligence, operations research, fund management, and financial engineering, offering specialist services to a selective international clientele in the context of and for the sake of the SPOUI’s operations.

The SPOUI has a continuously enriched expertise in assessing investments, political situations, economic and political actors, and risks, and in analyzing any kind of social organization (e.g., corporations, state institutions, religious/cultural institutions, undergound networks, etc.) and societies at large. Thus, the SPOUI operates both at the level of the reality of human consciousness and at the level of the reality of the world, always in order to promote the SPOUI’s revolutionary esoteric agenda, both overtly and covertly (given that the SPOUI has often to act in adversarial historical environments and socio-political systems).

Click on the following link in order to read an essay (PDF) on Finance and Investment Strategizing that was written by Dr. Nicolas Laos in 2003 and was originally published in English, in 2004, with endorsements by: Dr. Nicholas C. Kyriazis (Professor, Economics Dept., University of Thessaly, Chairman of the Board, Alpha Trust Andromeda Fund, Member of the Athens Stock Exchange), Dr. Mirand Xafa (former Member of the Board, International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C., investment strategist), Dr. Constantine C. Deliyannis (Professor of Economics, University of La Verne), and Demetris Kamaras (editor-in-chief, Epilogi Monthly Economic Review, Athens, Greece):

Dr. Nicolas Laos, Finance and Investment Strategizing (PDF)

Click on the following link in order to read an essay on the epistemology and methodology of International Relations (PDF) that Dr. Nicolas Laos wrote during 1997–99 in the context of his research work at the London Centre of International Relations and at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), and it was originally published in English, in 2000:

Dr. Nicolas Laos, International Relations (PDF)

Click on the following link in order to read a research paper on differential equations and mathematical modeling (PDF) that Dr. Nicolas Laos wrote and presented at the Fifth International Conference on Differential Equations and Applications that was organized by the University of Rousse in collaboration with the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians (Rousse, Bulgaria) in 1995:

Dr. Nicolas Laos, Differential Equations and
Mathematical Modeling (PDF)

Moreover, Dr. Nicolas Laos cooperated with Professor Svetoslav J. Bilchev (Centre of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, University of Rousse) in the field of algebraic geometry and its applications in polynomial dynamical systems, communication networks, coding, and control theory. Click on the following link in order to read a research paper on algebraic geometry (PDF) that Dr. Nicolas Laos and Professor Svetoslav J. Bilchev coauthored and presented at the Twenty Fifth Spring Conference of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians (Kazanlak, Bulgaria) in 1996:

Dr. Nicolas Laos and Prof. Svetoslav J. Bilchev,
Algebraic Geometry (PDF)


In Spring 2020, on the occasion of the publication of Dr. Nicolas Laos’s book Masters’ Manual: The Quest for Humanity’s Illumination, the Enlightened Ones (Illuminati) throughout the Centuries, and the Secret History of Civilization (originally published in Greek by New Dimension Editions), Dr. Nicolas Laos invited the following distinguished intellectuals and esoteric adepts to contribute comments and essays related to his work, the issue of illumination, Gnosis, Freemasonry, and the various “Illuminati” Orders/Movements:

Donna M. Brown, Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Esoteric Quarterly (Washington D.C., U.S.A.). Click on the following link in order to listen to Donna Brown’s message:

Miguel Conner, director and producer of the Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (Chicago, U.S.A.), Author. Click on the following link in order to listen to Miguel Conner’s message:

Ryan Patrick Burns, director and producer of the podcast Hero Paranormal (Utah–Las Vegas, U.S.A.), Author. Click on the following link in order to listen to Ryan Burns’s message:

Maurice “Moe” Bedard, director and producer of the podcast Gnostic Warrior (California, U.S.A.), Author. Click on the following link in order to listen to Moe Bedard’s message:

Luigi Pruneti, Grand Master of the Ordine Massonico Tradizionale Italiano (Rome), Past Grand Master of the Gran Loggia d’Italia degli ALAM, Author. Click on the following link in order to listen to Luigi Pruneti’s message (in Italian):

In his aforementioned short exposition of the historical Illuminati, M∴W∴ Brother Luigi Pruneti maintains the following: When we have to talk about the “Illuminati,” we primarily think of the “Illuminati” of Bavaria. That secret Association was founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. Some people believe that the Bavarian Illuminati had their origins in Spain, originating from the “Alumbrados” or the French “Illuminés.” This argument is not correct; only the name was similar, but nothing else. Similarly, it is hard to prove that all the ideological assumptions and arguments of the Bavarian Illuminati were originally formulated and proclaimed by Comenius and Kanevsky. The truth is that the Association created by Law Professor Adam Weishaupt was originally called Order of the “Perfectibilists,” and it was only later that it was called Order of the “Illuminati.” Initially, it consisted of students of the University of Ingolstadt; but later it became bigger and stronger with a structure similar to Freemasonry and a vertical and ritualistic system. They wished to lay the foundations of a new world order, something like a European Republic based on a type of socialism/communism. However, there are different varieties of Illuminati and different varieties of Illuminist narratives. So, some Illuminati could hold the bridle of the established system of globalization in their hands, but other Illuminati could work in the shadow against the established system of globalization. Indeed, as M∴W∴ Brother Luigi Pruneti has pointedly observed, just as there are different conceptions and theories of humanity’s “illumination,” so there are different varieties and organizations of “Illuminati,” respectively.

Click on the following link (PDF) in order to read the Masonic Bonds between Luigi Pruneti and Nicolas Laos:

Masonic Bonds (PDF)

Click on the following link in order to read information about the Supreme Council of the 33rd and Last Degree of the Traditional Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Italy, by which Dr. Nicolas Laos was elevated to the 33rd Degree of this Rite in honor of his work in global Illuminism and Freemasonry:

The Elevation (PDF)

Pierpaola Meledandri, Lawyer having extensive litigation and consulting experience with medical, construction, and banking companies as well as with trade unions and lobbies (Rome, Italy); Venerable Master of a Symbolic Lodge in Rome under the auspices of the Ordine Massonico Tradizionale Italiano (OMTI), Grand Orator (OMTI), Inspector of the Egyptian Rite of Misraim in Lazio and Campania, and Scottish Rite Mason. Click on the following link in order to read an essay (PDF) by R∴W∴ Sister Pierpaola Meledandri dealing with the persecution of Freemasonry by Church and Fascist forces in Italy and the “P2” Lodge scandal (in Italian):

Un Antico Progetto:
Eliminare la Massoneria in Forza di Legge (PDF)

In her aforementioned essay, R∴W∴ Sister Pierpaola Meledandri argues as follows: In Italy, both the Church and Fascism opposed Freemasonry by any means, and the latter decided to use the legislative apparatus in order to eradicate Freemasonry throughout the country. In fact, both of them believed that the post-Enlightenment values of Freemasonry were incompatible with and dangerous for religious dogmatism and the country’s dictatorial-fascist regime. Ancient and new Vestals of intolerance and prejudice, from the post-war period to the present day, have tried to discredit Freemasonry to the eyes of public opinion, and they have tried to reinforce liberticidal norms that underpin discrimination against Freemasons vis-à-vis other citizens. The media “tsunami” triggered by the well-known Licio Gelli’s “P2” Lodge and by Law 17/82 (“implementation of Art. 18 of the Constitution on the subject of secret societies and those relating to the dissolution of the association called P2 Lodge”) markedly disfigured the image of Italian Freemasonry, presenting it as a secret association with subversive and corrupt purposes. In 1992, the Procurator of Palmi Dr. Agostino Cordova opened an investigation at national level on Freemasonry, accompanied by a further defamatory campaign. After almost ten years of investigation, the aforementioned legal adventures ended with a generalized “no need to proceed,” since no illegal activity was detected against people involved. Subsequently, after appeals instituted by some Italian Masonic institutions, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) protected Italian Freemasonry against repeated attempts to undermine the freedom of association, which “is of such importance that it cannot be subject to any limitation.” Thus, ECHR assumed a “super partes” role for Italian Freemasons, despite a hostile and prejudiced press campaign and common feeling.

Click on the following link in order to read a short essay on Licio Gelli’s “P2” Lodge scandal and various dark forces’ attempts to manipulate Freemasonry:

A Note: Operation Gladio, the “P2” Lodge, and the
Quest for Illumination (PDF)

T Allen Bar Kohenim Greenfield,
D.D., 33° 90° 97°, Mabeker & Coordinator of the Lodge of the Sons and Daughters of Aaron (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis–Misraim), a past (elected) member of the British Society for Psychical Research, a Borderland Science Research Associate (BSRA), a past President of the Atlanta Science Fiction Organization (ASFOII), a Past Master of “Eulis” Lodge of the O.T.O. and former editor of its journal, LAShTAL, and an Author. Moreover, he was a writer and activist for radical libertarian and countercultural causes and a war correspondent. Click on the following link in order to read an essay (PDF) by T Allen Greenfield, in which he presents influential esotericists concerned with UFOlogy, given that several UFOlogical narratives conceal exotic/highly advanced technologies and secret military projects, and/or express esotericists’ quest for transcendent experiences and communion with the Spirit. The Complete Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts gives you the tools to understand the ciphers and rituals, and to tap into this secret language of the ages and use it to make your own startling discoveries (new paperback edition printed by Paranoia Publishing, Martinez, CA, 2018; with an Introduction by Olav Phillips):

Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts (PDF)

“Dr. Allen Greenfield 33o 90o 95o 97o APRMM endorses the sincere and important efforts of Dr. Nicolas Laos towards enlightenment and the fulfillment of the Great Work, in the context of the free illuminist approach.”

In the following link (PDF), you may see the certificate of Dr. Nicolas Laos’s elevation to the 95th Degree of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis–Misraim by Tau Dr. Allen Greenfield, Lodge “Sons and Daughters of Aaron” in the Zenith of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.:

Dr. Nicolas Laos’s 95th Degree A.&P.R.M.–M. Certificate (PDF)

In the following link (PDF), you may see the certificate of Dr. Nicolas Laos’s elevation to the 97th Degree and installation as a Grand Hierophant of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis–Misraim:

Dr. Nicolas Laos’s 97th Degree A.&P.R.M.–M. Certificate (PDF)

Tau Qadosh, 33ο, 95ο, 97ο is the Spiritual/Esoteric Name-Title of the Grand Hierophant of the “Misir” Lodge of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis–Misraim in the Zenith of Vršac, Serbia; he is a prominent member of the Masonic lineage to which Dr. Nicolas Laos belongs.
The Balkans and the Near East have a rich and old tradition of freedom fighters, such as Ioannis Ougglesis (who fought against the oppressive Ottoman regime in Serbia, in the fourteenth century), Ivan Sisman (who fought against the oppressive Ottoman regime in Bulgaria, in the fourteenth century), János Hunyadi known also (in Romanian) as Ioan de Hunedoara (who fought against the oppressive Ottoman regime in Hungary, in the fifteenth century), Gjergj Kastrioti known also (in Albanian) as Skënderbeu (who fought against the oppressive Ottoman regime in Albania, in the fifteenth century), Korkondelos/Krokodeilos Kladas (who fought, in alliance with the Republic of Venice, against the oppressive Ottoman regime in Morea, Greece, in the fifteenth century), several Alevi and other Shiite leaders who defended religious freedom in the Ottoman Empire (and were persecuted by oppressive Ottoman Sultans), Rigas Feraios (an eighteenth-century Greek scholar and revolutionary who fought for the creation of a liberal, multinational Balkan political subject that would replace the Ottoman Empire), Amilcare Cipriani (a nineteenth-century Italian scholar, revolutionary, and anarchist who volunteered in the Garibaldi legion, aligned with Rosa Luxemburg and the anarchists who were excluded from the proceedings of the Second International in 1893, supported the Greek national-liberation movement, and contributed to the development of the libertarian thought in the Balkans), etc. The Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI) in general and Dr. Nicolas Laos in particular promote the rights and the study of both the Christian and the Muslim spiritual traditions in the Balkans in the context of a metaphysically grounded system of humanism, which complies both with the teachings of Jesus Christ (Mark 8:34–9:1) and Islam (Suart Al-Ma’idah 5:48, 5:82). Thus, Dr. Nicolas Laos is particularly proud of the fact that his elevation to the 97th and ne plus ultra degree of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis–Misraim took place in the Serbrian Lodge “Misir” (operating in the Zenith of Vršac, Serbia, under Tau Qadosh), consecrated by the American Lodge “Sons and Daughters of Aaron” (operating in the Zenith of Atlanta, Georgia, under Tau Allen Greenfield). Click on the following link in order to read Tau Qadosh’s essay entitled Ezotericno masonstvo: mogucnost, potreba, nuznost (in Serbian); in English: Esoteric Freemasonry: Possibility, Need, Necessity (PDF):

Esoteric Freemasonry: Possibility, Need, Necessity (PDF)

His Beatitude the Metropolitan Daniel (de Jesús Ruiz Flores) of Mexico and All Latin America of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Mexico (Iglesia Ortodoxa Ucraniana en México). His Beatitude Metropolitan Daniel holds: a B.A. from the Universidad de las Américas-Puebla (Mexico), an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the Centro de Estudios e Investigación Guestálticos (Mexico), a Doctor of Theology degree from the Международный Университет Фундаментального Обучения (Russian Federation), a Doctor of Biblical Studies degree from the Instituto de Capacitação Teológica “Logos” (Brazil) and a Grand Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Международная Духовная Академия (Russian Federation). He is also an Ecclesiastical Patron of Dr. Nicolas Laos’s network of Memphis–Misraim Rite Lodges (called the United Traditionalist Grand Sanctuaries of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis–Misraim). Click on the following link in order to read the Treaty of Ecclesiastical Patronage (PDF):

Treaty of Ecclesiastical Patronage (PDF)

Moreover, by clicking on the following link, you may watch a videotaped message by His Beatitude Metropolitan Daniel of Mexico and All Latin America of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, endorsing Dr. Nicolas Laos:


HIWM Seyyed Abul-Hasan Navvab (on the left, 2019); with the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Mr. Seyyed Abbas Salehi (in the middle, 2020); with the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Dr. Javad Zarif (on the right, 2019).

Hojjat-ul-Eslam-val-Moslemin Dr. Seyyed Abul-Hasan Navvāb, President of the University of Religions and Denominations, Pardisan, Qom, Iran. Hujjat-ul-Islam Dr. Navvab is an internationally renowned Iranian scholar and expert on Islamic Philosophy, Quran Sciences, Islamic Jurisprudence, Arabic Literature, Islamic Sects, mysticism, and inter-faith dialogue. Having visited more than seventy countries, “Dr. Navvab, a messenger of peace and coexistence of all religions, wishes he could get maximum use of his worldwide experience to accomplish his duties towards Islam” (online: In the following two links, you may read two scholarly essays that Hujjat-ul-Islam Dr. Navvab was gracious enough to contribute to this, the official website of the Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI):  

Essay I: Rational and Religious Roots of Peaceful
Coexistence with the Religious Other (PDF)

Essay II: Survey of Islamic International Relations
in Prophetic Tradition (PDF)

    Fr. Brian Cheney (Divinity School, Yale University, U.S.A.), Theological Advisor to the Executive Committee of the Scholarly and Political Order of the Ur-Illuminati (SPOUI). Brian Cheney graduated from Yale Divinity School in 2013 with a Master of Divinity degree and a concentration in pedagogy. Since then, he has continued to teach students about religion, philosophy, ethics, and history at an extremely well-respected boarding school in the United States. He has done this by employing a unique, experience-based teaching and learning style which has included international trips, guest speakers, explorations of spirituality, fieldwork-based research, and discussion of religious texts. The Grand Master of the SPOUI, Dr. Nicolas Laos is highly appreciative of Fr. Brian Cheney’s scholarly and consultancy services and his expertise in medieval Western mystical theologians and the Anglican Episcopal Communion, which has contributed to Dr. Nicolas Laos’s spiritual formation, too. “Every creature is a divine word,” as Bonaventure, OFM, wisely wrote in the thirteenth century. Click on the following link in order to read Fr. Brian Cheney’s essay Sacrament and Anti-sacrament in Bonaventure:

Brian Cheney, Sacrament and Anti-sacrament in Bonaventure (PDF)

    Giuliano Di Bernardo, Grand Master of the Dignity Order, Past Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d’ Italia (1990–93), Founder and Past Grand Master of the Gran Loggia Regolare degli Antichi Liberi e Accettati Muratori d’ Italia (1993–2001), Professor of Philosophy at the University of Torino, an internationally renowned epistemologist, and a member of several academies. Click on the following link in order to read an essay by Most Eminent Brother Giuliano Di Bernardo, in which he analyzes mystical aspects of Freemasonry (published in the authoritative journal Esoteric Quarterly, with which both he and Dr. Nicolas Laos cooperate):

Mysticism, A Masonic Interpretation (PDF)

Dr. Nicolas Laos systematically tries to put the debate about humanity’s illumination within a rational and analytically rigorous setting, keeping in his mind, first, that, as the brilliant journalist David Ignatius has argued, “it is never too late to apply good sense as a corrective to stupidity,” and, second, that, as the brilliant novelist John le Carré has written, “it’s the devil you don’t know that gets you.” Dr. Nicolas Laos strives to defend the notions of civilization and humanity’s freedom against various forces of barbarism worldwide, he has articulated and promotes an original, metaphysically grounded libertarian and internationalist research program, and he feels proud for the fact that his research work in the fields of information warfare/information operations, diplomacy, and world security was quickly acknowledged by and included in important specialist institutions’ databases and libraries (such as the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School’s Dudley Knox Library in California, the Russian multinational private intelligence company R-Techno in Moscow, the Turkish think-tank SAM, the Greek think-tank ELIAMEP, etc.). Click on the following link in order to read Dr. Nicolas Laos’s Concluding Message: Nourishing Your Hope and Making It Meaningful (PDF):

Concluding Message (PDF)

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